Single part & series welding



TIG welding

MAG Schweißen_klein

MAG welding

Bolt welding

Tip ignition

This method is mainly used for thin sheets, or welds with little or no deformation.

On a CNC-controlled equipment we can process components with approx. 2500x1250 mm.

For special applications we also have manual equipment at our disposal.

Drawn arc welding

We use this process manually for larger bolt diameters and greater material thicknesses.

In all other respects, it has similar characteristics to tip ignition bolt welding.

CNC bolt welding

Man and machine in perfect harmony

Robot MAG welding process:


CMT process

Parts up to:

can be processed.


Orbital welding

Orbital welding is a high quality welding process used mainly for joints on pipes. It can be used to produce welds that can withstand high loads, and can also be used in the food industry and medical technology. The method used here is TIG welding. We process exclusively stainless steels.


Resistance spot welding

Spot welding is a method of joining metal sheets by means of electricity, pressure and electrodes. The advantages of this process in comparison to fusion welding are: