Quality assurance

Quality is not a random occurrence and growth does not just happen!
Faro Prime Messarm mit Mensch

For us, quality means:

FARO PRIME measuring arm

The ideal solution for easy measurements, for inspections with high accuracy, reverse engineering or the comparison with CAD data. Flexible, wireless measurement via Bluetooth with an accuracy of 0.019 mm.

Foto_QS_Vulcan Expert

VULCAN EXPERT calibration datasheets

Vulcan is one of the fastest metal analyzers on the market. It offers reliable material identification in just one second, based on laser-induced plasma spectrometry, without any X-rays.

Micro-Vu Excel 1654 multi-sensor measuring center

The Excel multi-sensor measuring center uses the latest technologies and offers reliable measuring systems with high speed and precision.

In addition to the optical measurement technology, the Excel features a tactile measurement system, which enhances the 3D functions.

With its multi-sensor functions, advanced digital and optical zoom, proprietary edge detection and InSpec software, the Excel measuring center can handle even the most demanding measurement requirements.

The Excel measures parts up to 1.5m in length with an accuracy of 5.5µm+L/150 in the XY-axes and 3.8µm+L/100 in the Z-axis.

Larger parts on request

Micro-Vu Ecxel_Fotooptische Messmaschine
Micro-Vu Ecxel_Fotooptische Messmaschine_3

In addition to the standard measuring equipment such as digital calipers, dial gauges, angle gauges, we also use digital height measuring devices, coating thickness measuring devices and surface roughness measuring devices.