Company History

Company History

The history of the Sturm family can be traced back about 275 years. Since that time the ancestors have been working as blacksmiths in Hankofen, a Bavarian village of 250 residents. Wilhelm Sturm sen. was a master forging, agricultural machinery and hoof fitting master and in the 60s and 70s he pushed the agricultural machinery trade. As early as 1980, the farsighted father of seven children began manufacturing and assembling components for the industry with three employees.

Wilhelm Sturm Jr. graduated from studying mechanical engineering and welding engineering in Munich. fter his studies, he took over the position of plant manager in a metal goods factory. After two and a half years, he returned to his parents’ company in 1991 with 15 employees at that time.

Chronology of the most important milestones in company development:


  • Sturm Blechverarbeitung was founded in Furth near Bogen.
  • After completing his studies, Reinhold Schultes joined the company. He has been managing the sheet metal processing from the very first minute until today very successfully and sustainably.
  • Global companies Krones and Flottweg were gained as customers. Now, after more than 25 years, they are still the biggest and most important customers of Sturm Blechverarbeitung.


  • Handover of the entire parental business including real estate to Wilhelm Sturm. Real estate to Wilhelm Sturm jr.
  • Sturm Blechverarbeitung was spun off as a stand-alone company (GmbH).
  • Establishment of a new company on a greenfield site in the industrial area of Salching (first construction phase).


  • The second construction phase in Salching was realized.


  • The third construction phase again expanded the site in Salching.


  • After the entry of the ‘Nimbus hands-on Investors’ on 01.07.2019, Sturm Blechverarbeitung GmbH will become Sturm Blechverarbeitung GmbH.
  • Sturm Blechverarbeitung GmbH now operates as an independent and economically independent company on the market.
  • The entry of ‘Nimbus hands-on Investors’, medium- to long-term financing as well as additional production and office space from 2020 will enable investment and growth for the future.